MGVCT (Maha Gujarat Vikas Charitable Trust) is all about leading lives for betterment of society keeping the one’s individual interest in center. As it is said “Bhuke pet Bhajan Naa hove, Bhai!” which means until one has enough for his/her own self it is not possible to think about the others and the society as a whole.

Here, at Maha Gujarat Vikas Charitable Trust, we are focused to provide quality life to the individuals who are living below poverty line and do not have enough to groom them selves. We firmly believe that once they will have a sense of achievement and will learn about the values of family, neighbor hood, society and most importantly the values of humanity, they will surely contribute to make the surroundings even better for living kinds.

MGVCT shall provide employment to those who need uplift in life so that they can do better for themselves, their families and the society. We shall also provide education to the people which can make change in their lives like cooking, daily core work, nursing, vehicles repair, electronic repairs, etc. MGVCT associates will provide education to children and will have them occupied with many work of generosity to cultivate a habit of helping hand to others and care for nature.

Maha Gujarat Vikas Charitable Trust will also be involved in Protecting Human rights against any inconvenience caused to any individual pertaining to life, liberty, equality and dignity. “Leading a Life towards dignity and respect”.

MGVCT was found in April 2006 with Reg. No. GUJ/11979/AHMEDABAD.