Go Green against waste

Saarathis with their teams are set to work for the green environment around you. This is an activity where MGVCT volunteers will take an initiative and approach the localities/societies in near by area and will meet the key decision makers to have their permission to plant trees and different plants in the common area they have like play grounds, parking lot and terraces.

What we are looking for, is just your co-operation by providing necessary place where we can plant trees. MGVCT volunteers will take care for all the plants and trees in your area for coming 3 years so that they are grown big enough and you would not be required to take any extra care for them.

These activities are mostly carried out by children as they find fun in digging and planting the trees. They like to get drenched while watering the plants.

Even after doing the entire plantation for you what our little KIDOZ need from you is, all the waste you have in your junk yard / Store / Abhrai so that they can send it to recycling or make some creative/experimental use of it.

“Doing so much, our expectations are too less”