Goody Foodie

We enjoy food in restaurants and at one point of time every one is or wants to be foodie. We starve for new dishes and different cuisines. We get tired of the same Local home made dishes. Aren’t we?

But, this is not the case with thousands of Employees who relocate themselves miles away from their families for better carrier and also the students who have decided to stay away from their parents and relatives so that they can be a responsible citizen, son/daughter and spouse in coming future. These are the people who do not enjoy the restaurant food as much as we do who stay at home with families. For a change they need some quality food which do not only smell and taste good but also give a feeling of healthy and homely food.

Some of the volunteers of MGVCT at will decided to provide good, homely and quality food to these people so that they can have a better appetite for longer time and the taste of home made food would never be vanished for them.

Considering corporate and hostel life style these people manage themselves so well to meet your food timings accurately. Here they provide Breakfast, Lunch and dinner Tiffin.

So what do you expect staying away from home, more than this as far as it is a question of being Goody Foodie???