Saarthi is a movement by Maha Gujarat Vikas Charitable Trust. Under which the trust has planned to shape the lives of women and children. Saarathi movement will provide daily work to unemployed women and fight for their rights. This is not a movement against anything or anybody. It is just to make women and children‘s survivability some what easier in this society and pour some confidence in them that they can do beyond they think they can.

Young group of volunteers where majority is female have determined to create a difference for the people who have left the hopes or those, who could have hardly hoped for something good in their life. Saarathi will act like a guide and philosopher for such people and will equip them with quality work, good wage, education and most importantly their identity in society.

As it is said in Geeta by Lord Krishna “whether you win or loose but by doing Karma you will attain the good fruits and hence, you should keep trying.” and that is what saarathi is intended to make people believe in.