Saarathi is a bridge from “the useless” to “used less”.

Under the movement of Saarathi by MGVCT we have created a group of volunteers who can lead the movement with their best of knowledge, references and hard work with dedication. These volunteers are known as Saarathis for life of poor, hatred and disappointed people.

These Saarathis would work for the betterment of such people who have lost courage, unemployed and support less in the society. Saarathis would boost the moral, provide work which can bring recognition and bring fun factor to the people who have cursed themselves for being born.

As the starting of movement MGVCT volunteers would work for the nature and will make city clean and green. It would also provide some quality food to the people working in MNCs, Public sector and students staying far from their parents to gain better education. It would bring some recognition for the people working for/under this movement.

It would also help women to fight for their rights under protection of human rights act. It will help women to raise their voice against domestic violence, freedom to speak and her dignified existence in the male dominated society.